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of americans that approve of president barack obama's presidency has slipped to lower than high. 48%. since taking office, obama's highest majority rating was 69%. january of 2009, seven days after his inauguration. this current obama chill may have fortified ed henry of cnn to pose this audacious question to the new president this week. >> can you envision a scenario where you don't run for free election? >> if i feel like i have made the very best decision for the american people and three years from now i look at it and my poll numbers are in the tank, and you know, because we have gone through these changes, you know, politically, i'm in a ll right. >> question, is president obama saying more than he says in this response to ed henry? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is like ronald reagan saying look, if it doesn't work out, i can go back to the ranch and chop wood and i'll be perfectly happy. he's saying something like that. he's in serious trouble for this reason. the economic policies do not appear to be working with unemployment at 10.2%, and now people are talking about a seco
of the governor of virginia. tonight you have hired me, thank you. >> reporter: president barack obama won the trust of the voters a year ago and now bob mcdonnell says he's ready to get to work. >> because we didn't get the results we wanted tonight doesn't mean we go home and wine. we go home and we fight and i'm fighting. >> reporter: deeds promises to give the people a vote in the senate. they are hurt by a weakened transportation system and budget. reporting live, i'm alex trevino for >>> bill bowling won reelection as lieutenant governor over jodi wagner. he will work with the governor from his own party when mcdonnell takes over in j. >>> ken kuntinell will also take his new senate seat. >>> maryland also had local elections on tuesday. choosing mayors and city council eats. here's a couple of the local mayoral contests. the win here over susan hoffman, and a much wider margin of victory here, 73% of the vote over richard cooke. >>> a high school student hoping to take a seat on the city council. 18 just in time to run. he pushed for economic development at the new rockvi
the army really believes that. i think the obama administration is more skeptical. >> lauren, there are two schools of thought on the president's protracted process. one is dick cheney school of the president dithering and that he is patient. what repercussions are there for the policy? >> well, our allies are looking to us for a very clear signal as to whether we are going to commit. unfortunately the rhetoric of the president's early months has become a good deal less, shall we say, aggressive, less decisive than where he began. obviously the pakistanis are concerned there might be decline in our commitment to the situation and, frankly, i think what they're detecting is right. i don't think the administration wants to do this. they're trying to figure out some way of extricating themselves, or at least not building up any further, but it is awfully hard. they have boxed themselves in. >> greg's excellent story in the washington post today about how obama is going through province by province to find out the leaders. that is like lbj poring over maps in the vietnam white house in the seco
for the obama white house. >>> hospitals in our region will be under the watchful eye of lawmakers when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases. >>> and speed cameras. one of the deadliest counties for pedestrians decides to take steps to protect its residents. >>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday, november 4th, 2009. we have breaking news to begin our newscast. metro is currently experiencing a widespread power outage. it is affecting most of the transit system's computer systems. the following systems are affected and will impact your commute. update signs in rail stations have stopped working. the next bus system is down. fare boxes on bus systems are not working which means some riders will ride for free today and the rail line is affecting the debit card system which means unless you have cash on hand you will not be able to ride the metro trains. the website has also been affected. metro tells us they have no idea when the system will be up and running again. the only good news is that service on the buses and rails is not affected. stay tuned
>>> welcome to 9 news now. i'm angie goff in for j.c. hayward. president obama appears to be ready reveal his new strategy for afghanistan. aides say the commander in chief made a decision following a rare night time meeting with his war cabinet. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama has made his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. this comes after a rare evening meeting between the commander in chief and his war cabinet. this was their ninth meeting and likely the last one before he outlines the plan in a televised address to the afghanistan. aides expect it will cover more than deploying additional troops. >> i characterize a decent part of it as not just how we get people there but what's the strategy for getting them out. >> reporter: many military officials expect that president obama will send up to 35,000 additional forces in to afghanistan. that would be slightly fewer than the top general on the ground, stanley mccrystal had asked for. he wants up to 40,000 to help to fight the taliban's growing power and prevent them from giving sa
>>> finish the fight. president obama vows to get the job done in afghanistan. tough ticket. the first family holds the first white house state dinner. and strip club dad, an indiana man loses his truck and his son after some adult entertainment. >> just when you think you hear it all, you've got another report of something like this. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, november 25th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm karen brown in for michelle gielan. it was the hottest ticket of the year in washington. president obama's first state dinner as president. the president honors india's prime minister in a lavish tent set-up on the white house south lawn. >> reporter: they rolled out the red carpet and plenty of white house glamour at the obama's first state dinner. dressed to the nines, president obama and the first lady welcomed indian prime minister manmohan singh and his wife. and later, during the president's toast, he emphasized the u.s.'s important relationship with india. >> the future that beckons all of us. let's
>>> building bridges. president obama says the united states and china are not december tenned to be adversaries. >> more is to be gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. >>> medication questions. new evidence some popular cholesterol drugs may do more harm than good. >>> and where is shaniya davis? the desperate search for a young girl who was allegedly sold into prostitution by her own mother. this is the cbs morning news for monday, november 16th, 2009. this is the cbs morning news for monday, november 16th, 2009. fr frs captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gee han. president obama is in beijing this morning where he'll meet with china's president. earlier in shanghai at a town hall style meeting with students, mr. obama walked a political tight rope. he offered cooperation in economic matters and security and pressed for human rights. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: high, michelle, good morning. yes, a short timing a go, the president arrived in beijing for a full da
president obama with the presidency. this year, they clearly went for republican. if last night's republican sweep was any indication, democrats may have their work cut out for them in 2010. >> i am ready to go to work to serve you and to help lead virginia for the next four years. >> reporter: for the first time in eight years, virginia voters elected a gop candidate as their governor. bob mcdonald cruised to a landslide victory, but the big shocker came in the country's other race. >> hey, new jersey, we did it. >> reporter: former federal prosecutor chris christy snagged the governor seat in new jersey, becoming the first republican to do so in more than a decade and beating out jon corzine. >> we will work hard together to make sure that the transition is smooth, that we are able to do everything that serves the people of this great state. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail himself to try to give deeds and corzine a boost. despite the double losses, more than half the voters in both states said the president had nothing to do with their decision. >> i think it's a refere
that the future of the united states and asia is inextricably linked. >> president obama is in asia threw next week with stops in tokyo, singapore, shanghai, beijing. so who get as the lion's share of obama's time? china. three days out of nine replicating what happened recently at the u.n. where the president of china and president obama were closeted for 90 minutes. this time allocation speaks for itself. and if there is any doubt remaining, obama's description of the u.s./chinese relationship clears it up. >> the relationship between the united states and china will shape the 21st century, which makes it as important bilateral relationship in the world. >> question. what must president obama accomplish in china this coming week? pat? >> he'll have to rebalance the trade relationship between the united states and china. the last ten years, the chinese have had a $2 trillion surplus. we've experted to them jobs, factories, money, technology, and that's one of the reasons why we've got this financial crisis and the dollar's in such trouble. what he's got to do is convince the chinese that this
driven by the real economy or was it due to the obama stimulus, pat buchanan? >> it was due to the stimulus and also the federal reserve. they were doubling to the money supply. these are steroid shots for the american economy and it worked. looks stronger, looks a lot better, but there's steroids. the real economy hasn't really come back. this should carry us through for one or two more quarters, but then we're going to see if the private economy is coming back, and there are no real signs of that right now. you've got your unemployment hanging in there at 9.8%, jon. so i think obviously this is good news. it's helpful to a lot of people, but i don't think it's conclusive proof that the real economy's come back. >> the stimulus helped, right? >> the stimulus helped. they have expired or the real estate credit is about to expire, but it's good news that government intervention actually did rescue us from the precipice, but what happens when these programs fade away? is there enough confidence in the economy to sustain this recovery? i think that's why president obama was sor
on terror. >>> will president obama's visit bring iran back to the negotiating table. >>> pirates back in the news. the same ship that was the center of a dramatic rescue fought off another somali pirate. >>> how is the united states refining its anti-piracy strategy. the coast guard is bringing apprehended pirates to justice. how to fend off attacks. commander shannon gilrees, chief of prevention log group. commander, welcome to the show. >> thank you, sir. >> so how is the united states refining its anti-piracy campaign. >> we'll continue to adapt to what the pirates are throwing at us as far as their techniques. we are working with the maritime industry to try to answer their questions about how we can help them address the problems in the region. we're also working with interagency -- agency by that i mean the department of defense, department of state, the maritime administration, other agencies -- >> the justice department as well? >> the justice department as well. we're working to refine that policy to adapt the policies the pirates are using. >> prosecuting captured pirates ha
] >> exit question. will president obama's plans for immigration reform be set back by the fallout from the fort hood killing, yes or no? >> he's not going to go forward with immigration reform. if he did, it would be set back. >> eleanor? >> immigration reform is a next-year project at the very least. they will continue with it. we're still dealing with 12 million people in the country. we need to know more about who they are. this just gives impetus. this was a u.s. citizen who was born here and has nothing to do with immigration. >> but he's a muslim. >> so what. >> hold on. hold on. >> believes as you do. >> in what way, pat? how is that dangerous? >> go down to fort hood. >> how about christians? christians ever kill each other? >> have you heard of the irish catholic clashes? >> stop baiting buchanan. >> he's baiting me, john. >> go ahead. >> it is not gonna have an effect on the president's immigration initiatives, but i think, you know, this whole conversation about well, it's america's fault, we're on the ground in iraq, we're on the ground in afghanistan, they hit us on 9/11 b
thanksgiving today. wednesday president obama pardoned his first turkey. >> thanks to the interventions of ma lee a ya and sasha, because i was planning on eating this you can sucker courage will be spared this fate. >> courage went to disneyland for the parade and then will live his life out in a park. >> the first family did some community service for the holidays. they put together bags of food at martha's table at northwest washington. first lady michelle obama made sure the bags had plenty of vegetables. they will go to families in need and at risk youth. >>> a different thanksgiving tradition in richmond. the mayor received a deer. it is a symbolic way to pay their taxes. it dates back to 1677 and the start of a dialogue between the tribe and white settlers. >>> the wizards announced funeral arrangements for abe pollin. it will be tomorrow morning at 11:30. the wizards also plan to hold a public memorial service on december 8th at the verizon center. >>> we're hearing another touching story about one of the many things abe pollin did apart from owning the wizards and building verizon ce
unless the senate puts the pedal to the metal and moves this legislation forward. president obama has already signed on. >> the this issue are over. >> question. if the u.s. does agree to sign a kobeen hagen agreement, what impact will that have on u.s. jobs, pat buchanan? >> i don't think it will have any impact, john, because i don't think it will get through the united states senate. there's a reason for that, john. al gore's moment has come and gone. the truth is, they are changing the nile to climate change rather than global warming for a reason. for ten years, the earth has been cooling. 1998 or so was the hottest year. the polar bear population is doing fine. antarctica is growing, the ice cap is growing. the arctic ice cap has stopped shrinking. you look around the united states, you are having record cold trends. you have this tremendous real problem in the american economy as opposed toed mythical problem of global warming. for these reasons, john, i think it's not going to get through the senate. i think, as i say, al gore's moment has passed. this whole thing was a bit of
. >>> a final decision. president obama is close to announcing a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. >>> and health care reform. more and more viewers -- more and more of you are expressing dissatisfaction with the health insurance of america. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, november 24th. it's been a soggy day all day long. kim martucci is here to brighten up the day, though. no matter what our forecast says. >> i will do a little bit with my bright hair. that's the best i can offer, because it is cloudy and gloomy outside but for most of us it is a short holiday week. we want to get you to your travel location safely. in the main weather segment i will have the forecast if you are driving or catching a flight. stay tuned for that. right now 48. winchester 46. 51 fredericksburg. across the bay easton 50 and 52 52 patuxent river. for the rest of us it is cloudy and drizzle. check it out on live doppler nine thousand and focus on the st. mary's and charles county border, which is right here. in hughsville, you have some light rain moving northward and it is raining north of
the obama administration pushing for congress to change the law. it would give the federal government control over safety regulations for subway and light rail systems across the country. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live with details. >> reporter: good morning. this is about providing more safety measures for passengers who board metro here at tenleytown and stations across the country. essentially the department of transportation would do for transit what it already does for airlines and amtrak. transportation secretary ray la hood said we have to do something about this. that was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed when two trains collide on the red line last june. now the federal government is considering to do just that with a proposal to take over safety regulations for the transit systems. metro is not the only one in the hot seat. transit systems an the country are under scrutiny. they believe they should have the same federal safety standard as airlines and trains do. >> at -- it lacks resources. it lacks the type of visibility that would
how a wealthy washington area couple crashed president obama's first white house state dinner with no ticket at all. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: well-known on the d.c. social register for their activities on the party circuit. how did this husband and wife manage to talk their way into the president's state dinner honoring india's prime minister on it tuesday evening? that's the big question around washington. secret service spokesman ed donovan said the president was never in any danger and that the party crashers went through the same security screening as the more than 300 people who were actually invited to the dinner. but the fact that they made it in at all raises serious questions about security. >> they are totally overloaded. they bow to pressure from the white house or from candidates to just let people in. >> reporter: the salahis posted pictures on their facebook fan page. mooik and he will posed with vice president joe biden, the mayor of washington, d.c. and other dignitaries and stars at the ept. they were in the same room with the president and the fir
>>> presidential push. mr. obama holds intense talks with chinese president hu engine take you. >>> cancer controversy. new guidelines spark debate over the cost and ben gits of mammograms. >> early detect saved my life. >>> and tragic end. the body of a missing 5-year-old north carolina girl is found along a road sigh. her mother charged with selling her for sex. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with president obama's visit to china. he met with hu jintao for 2 1/2 hours. crucial issues including the economy, human rights and taiwan were on the table. in the he said, there was some agreement and acknowledgement that differences and tension remain. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while
. the victim fought him off and managed to escape and called police. >>> the obama administration wants the federal government to be in charge of safety regulations for subway and light rail systems throughout the country. it's taking shape in the wake of a deadly metro crash last june. we have reaction from metro riders. >> reporter: we've got to do something about this. that's what transportation secretary ray lahood told the washington post was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed on june 22nd when two trains collide. subway and light rail systems are under scrutiny. they believe oversight by state and interstate commits leave much to be desired. they want the government to assume that role as they do with. >> i think it's good they regulate the safety. >> if it's not necessary, scene it local. >> i think it's a good idea. it's long overdue. >> reporter: the tri-state oversight committee that's supposed to monitor metro is not as effective as it should be. >> it lacks the type of visibility that would make it work. i think we probably need a replacement for that. >> r
to afghanistan. >>> president obama and the chinese president discussed a wide range of issues during their two-hour meeting from nuclear proliferation to human rights. witt johnson reports. >> in a face-to-face meeting with his chinese counterpart president obama brought up the controversial topic with human rights he said that americans believe that all men and women possess certain basic rights. >> they are universal right and they should be available to all peoples, to all ethnic and religious minoritities. >> as president obama spoke the chinese president looked on, stone faced. the two discussed trade, climate change and nuclear programs in iran and north korea but the american delegation can't push china too hard. the country holds more than $800 billion in u.s. debt. >> china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in generations. >> reporter: president obama and his team have been welcomed warmly in china, but here at home, a new cbs poll shows his popularity is slipping. his approval rating is at 53%. a 3 point drop the last month.
in the locker room coming up later in sports. bruce? >>> a red line killed nine people is prompting the obama administration to push for safety of the system. dave's live with reaction. >> reporter: much like the nation's airlines and railroads, the federal government is talking about taking over safety regulations for the nation's subway systems. ray lahood told "the washington post" it was the june 22nd crash on metro's red line that killed nine people that put this into focus for federal officials. many of the federal officials, like lahood, have fought that state agencies supposed to be overlooking the safety of these systems aren't doing a very effective job, sometimes it's the state agency, sometimes like in our area, it's an interstate committee charged with safety. we asked metro passengers what they thought about this idea. >> i think it's good that the government would regulate the safetiness of it. obviously it's a huge transportation here. everyone is riding it. i think it's good. >> i generally like the idea of the federal government involvement of helping people if people need h
president obama will address the nation on his new strategy for the war in afghanistan on tuesday night. the president will appear from the u.s. military academy at west point. he's expected to lay out his plan for expanding the number of troops involved in the afghan conflict and ultimately ending america's management role. >>> the washington area is mourning the loss of abe pollin. the 85-year-old owner of the wizards died yesterday from a rare neurological disorder. pollin bought the bullets in the ' 60s and moved them to washington. the built the capital center in landover and the verizon center in chinatown. the arena revitalized the region and improved the quality of life in washington. abe pollis survived by his wife and two sons and two grandsons. he was the longest serving owner of an nba franchise. david stern issued a statement saying in part -- the capitals owner has the option to buy the franchise and the verizon center. >>> he meant a lot to one class at seat pleasant elementary. he promised to pay their college if they graduated. 55 of them did including tiffany nelson. >
>>> this is 9 news now. chinese diplomacy. president obama lands in beijing, the last stop in his eight-day tour of asia. federal oversight. metro and every other transit agency which uses light rail and trains will soon be under the watchful eye of the u.s. government. >>> final decision, local leaders come together to try to find a proper response to the proposed fare of the future toll road. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, november 16th. kim martucci is here to get us started with the forecast. >> good morning. yesterday is tough to beat. look at the highs we hit. to the north frederick was 75. 72 reagan national airport. down at quantico, as well. low 70s in winchester and to our east along the bay in beautiful annapolis. can we do it today? not as warm but gorgeous and mild and still going to have a lot of sunshine. if you follow me on twitter, my i.d. is weather kim you already know the weather forecast. a lot of sun. we're 52 right now. the same number in western maryland, cumberland coming in with that. on baltimore street where you
. remembering the victims of fort hood. president obama gets ready to leave washington to honor the fallen in texas. >>> and tropical storm ida comes ashore in alabama. we will see if the remnantses will affect our region. good morning. i am andrea roane. it is tuesday november 10. tropical storm ida on the gulf coast. will we feel any of its effects? howard bernstein has our forecast. >> a little bit andrea. >>> south and east especially to the norfolk region will see more of that more moderate rain from ida. not too many clouds. a few breaks with peeks of sunshine here and there at this hour as temperatures warming into the 50s in most areas. although manassas and martinburg at 48 degrees. lots of 55 from national, annapolis, eastton. cambridge. the river keeping quantico cooler. they are at 50. temperatures climbing into the low, even middle 60s for highs. average high 59. lots of clouds but mainly dry, i think there is a slim chance of a sprinkle -- better chance tonight. 9:01. time for a traffic update. hello angie. >> hello everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour. let's take a look at th
in the 17-year legal battle but a similar case is pending. >>> president obama takes a scenic break from high-level talks but as he tours the forbidden city with china's top leader, major differences. the story is coming up. >>> plus, an important inspection takes place before the shuttle links up with the international space station. it is coming up on 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. rth carolina mother could face more chars in the death of her 5-year-old daughter. searchers found shania davis ' body 30-miles from her hometown in fayetteville. police accused the mother of offering her for sex. a man has been charged with kidnapping the little girl last week. >>> president obama toured beijing's forbidden city and he met with the chinese president for morethan two hours behind close doors. afterwards both leaders emphasized cooperation on the economy and climate change but differences remain on issues like human rights and trade. >>> this morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" is orbiting earth after blasting off from the kennedy space center yesterday afternoon. today the
. the outcomes if it these two key states will also be seen by some as a referendum on the obama presidency. karen brown reports. >> reporter: new jersey governor jon corzine is shaking all the hands he can before tuesday's election. in a race that's come down it the wire, president obama has had the democrat's back. >> to stand there and say that he thinks jon corzine is the best partner for him, that's a strong message to our folks and it makes fee meal really good. >> reporter: president obama made five appearances for corzine, but republican challenger chris christie expects to win. >> tuesday is a account ability day, everybody prt corzine recognizes president obama's support is just one factor. do you think he has the political clout to can in here and affect the new jersey vote? >> i think he is an important element that people will consider. it's not the only element. >> reporter: these off-year races are important because they can shed light on how next year's critical midterm elections will shape up. fairly or not, they are often seen as a reflection of the president and his polic
has put the elect in jeopardy. that complicates matters for the obama administration on the skrernlg of deciding whether to send more u.s. troops to afghanistan backing a government many consider i will legit mal. katherine brown reports. >> reporter: the top challenger has walked away. >> i will not participate in the november 7th election. >> reporter: that all but guarantees the current president, hamid karzai, will remain in power after saturday's runoff vote. but casts further doubt on on the legitimacy of a government already riddled with charges of skrupgs. abdullah abdullah believes a fair election is impossible and urged afghans not to accept the results. his supporters hope the results will eventually be thrown out and a new election scheduled for the spring. u.n. officials called for the runoff after they found nearly 1/3 of karzai's votes in the first round were fraud uhe lebt. if u.n. officials decide to go ahead with the election, karzai spokesperson insistses it will be be free of corruption. >> we will deal with the government, there are obviously there are issues we
. this is not a referendum on president obama. >> you say that when you're losing. >> reporter: polls have suggested an enthusiasm gap with republicans more fired up about their candidates. >> my husband just got out of the hospital and i said you've got to go whether you feel like it or not. >> how much enthusiasm do you have for creigh deeds? >> probably not as much as tie did for the presidential election. it really has to do a lot with the fact that he is definitely a democrat. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: now we could just report this to you right this moment. cbs news estimates that bob mcdonnell leads his -- is leading in the early exit polls, but again that's just exit polls. those are not real votes and cbs news is only estimates that bob mcdonnell is leading in those early exit polls and that's just into us. derek, back to you. >> bruce leshan back in richmond. let's get to creigh deeds -- he behind in the polls but peggy fox joins us with that part of our election coverage. peggy? >> reporter: i can tell you creigh deeds did have a smile on his face but he did not look relaxed. h
>>> welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. >>> president obama is telling chinese leaders there's nothing to fear from a little criticism. during a town hall meeting, he urged them to stop censoring access to the internet. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: just hours before sitting down with chinese president, the president obama suggested the communist country stop blocking some websites. >> i'm a big supporter of noncensorship. >> reporter: most of the questions at this town hall meeting with students were polite expressions of chinese government policy, but one chosen from on-line sub mixes opened the door for discussion on human rights. the question is should we be able to use twitter freely. facebook and twitter are blocked in china by what is known as the great fire wall. >> i'm a big supporter of not restricting internet use, internet access, other information technologies like twitter. the more open we are, the more we can communicate. >> reporter: few people saw those comments in china. the forum was only televised locally. the president went
killers, murders, and could have done considerable damage to obama or joe biden. obama is the last person you want to be taking chances with because threats against him are up 400% since he became president. >> the pair claims they are part of an upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network that is going to air the show would not comment. >>> if you're waiting for the family to come in or thinking about leaving out late tonight for the thanksgiving holiday, lets take a quick look at some of the transportation routes. we're live at reagan airport, with you officials estimate about a million people will pass through, but that number is lower than last year. here is a picture of i-95, and the traffic is moving, and that's good news. a quick look at i-66, and tonight, there doesn't seem to be any reason for back ups. traffic is moving well. there could be overnight driving problems, so we'll check in with our chief meteorologist. >>> the entire metro area is under a dense fog advisory until tomorrow morning at 9:00. a couple things to remember with dense fog, it
legislation. the tax would apply to people who earn incomes above $250,000 a year. >>> president obama has ordered his national security team to rethink the options on the table for a new way forward in afghanistan. just before leaving for a week long trip to asia, the president asked them to clarify a few key items, including how a potential increase in troop strength would get the afghan government to stand on its own. tara merger has the latest. >> president obama has sent his war cabinet back to the drawing board. he is not happy with any of the options they presented for a new strategy in afghanistan. the commander in chief wants to know how and when american troops would hand over responsibility for security to the afghan government. the new delay emphasizes the obama administration's lack of confidence and afghan president, karzai. >> the government of afghanistan has to accept greater responsibility for its own defense by participating in the training and deployment of an effective professional security force. >> white house aids are fighting back against charges that the presid
.ñrÑiçóçóÑiÑiÑi obama will seeÑi chinese firsthi meets with chinese students onÑi monday. china has refused to broadcast the event onñr national tv despr requests. the economy will be the sourceÑi of thei greatest tension here.Ñi the preg open its marketsÑi to u.s.ñr gor but with chinaúhtlh ofñr billions ofçó dollars in uó powerless to forceÑi china'sñr . during a speech in japan, the president set >> no one nation can meetñr the challenges ofñ alonezq china willñr both be better offr when we are able to meet them together. >> the president will do more tr nuclear weaponsÑi programsÑiÑi i korea andÑiÑi iran, both close a allies.ñr earlier sunday atçó an economic conference in singapore, andñr r showed impatience withÑi iran's failure to halt nuclearÑiÑi weai development. >> we are now running out of time. >> both men suggestepi that if how long theirñr patience will last. tháhpresident also had tough words for theñrñr brutal militai government of myanmarñlwith that nation's prime ministeri in cloe prom similarity.Ñk including aung san suu kyi, the nobel prize winningÑi
dinner, meeting president obama in the receiving line and then bragging about it unifaces book. as a way to secure a role in bravo's reality show real house wives. >> each of the cast members is competing with the other cast members to make it to the final cut. so you come up with ever more outrageous schemes. >> the secret service a outraged and says its probe in to the apparent security breach is close to a criminal investigation. the salahi's are no strangers to courtrooms their oasis winery is in bankruptcy proceedings and their yacht has been repossessed. >> irwin gomez owns the is a listen where she was preparing for her white house appearance. >> i do a lot of high profile in washington, and even they didn't get invited. >> i asked can i see it? what does it look like and she started to look through her bag and conveniently it just wasn't on her. >> reporter: in washington, armando trull for 9 news now and >>> the secret service has admitted full responsibility for the embarrassing security breach. especially because the uninvited couple was able to get so close to the
about president obama's meeting with china's president. >>> welcome back. we've got some breaking news. you are looking at a live picture of a car into a creek on piney meetg house ro in rockville. if you look closely, you can see the wheels over there and you can see the emergency personnel. we're told that rescuers have pulled either one person or some people out of that vehicle. we don't know the severity of the injuries or what time this happened. but we can you e is a car in a creek there along piney meeting house road. we'll be back with that. >>> also in the news right now, a judge orders a suspect held without bond on charges of killing a 9-year-old boy. he is d se pena, the suspect arrested earlier today in hyat tkhrásville. police say he shot a bullet through an apartment door. the bullet killed a man inside his home. police believe na trying to rob the family. >>> faiountrfax cpolice say they've not yet interviewed the officer involve inside a deadly shooting now under investigation. last friday that officer killed 52-year-old david masters during a affic stop on route 1
'm confronting? >> president obama made campaign appearances for cree deeds and john corzine. the president carried both states last november. tomorrow's race could be seen as a referendum on president obama and his policies. >> political steam has the gubernatorial race at the top of their list. a blue state would be damaging to them politically. >> tomorrow's races could shed light on how next year's elections could shape up. >>> firefighters came to the aid of man's best friend this morning. they pulled a dog from the burning home. the fire broke out in the 7900 block of burnham wood drive. >> my crew went to the rear of the house to the basement. gained access into the house. came across a canine, a dog. i grabbed the dog, rescued it, brought it to the front side of the house. i made sure it was okay and handed it off to other crews to further help the canine. a second dog didn't survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> sky 9 was also over a fire in potomac that is being blamed on a domestic dispute. flames broke out in the 10,800 block of old coach road. an 80-y
? president obama is expected to announce an increase of troops for the war in afghanistan tuesday, but who will foot the bill of a million dollars per soldier per year? and just how does president obama finish the job there? we'll ask senator carl levin, chairman of the senate armed services committee. then we'll turn to divisions within the republican party. is there room for moderates? we'll talk with former republican candidate dede scozzafava, former house majority leader dick armey and former republican chairman ed gillespie, but first is the war in afghanistan winnable on "face the nation"? captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, harry smith. >> smith: good morning. and joining us now is senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> smith: this new report from your committee that basically confirms osama bin laden was within the grasp of u.s. military at tora bora in december of the year of 9/11. had he been killed or captured at
. >>> tokyo touchdown. president obama begins his asian tour trying to shore up relations with japan. >>> and going rogue oig. sarah palin dishes on what her vice presidential campaign was really like. this is the cbs morning news for really like. this is the cbs morning news for friday, o. november 13th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning much of the east coast is getting pounded by the remnants of hurricane ida. virginia, southern mere land and delaware are bearing the brunt of the fierce nor'easter. the storm still packses win gusts of 50 miles an hour and bands of drenching oig rain. at least five deaths are being blamed on the severe weather. joel brown is this ocean city maryland, thorn. joel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ocean city will wake up to another round of he's powerful winds and rain today. wind gusts pushing 50 miles an hour lashing this part of the coast and the rain totals are inching higher. ida's leftovers are still packing a tropical punch. >> what are you experiencing right no
focused on local issues. but the fact is, democrats lost in two states where president obama won last year. in new jersey, republican chris christie beat governor john corzine by four points. it wasn't even close in virginia. republican robert mcdonnell won by more than 17 points over democrat creigh deeds. however, democrat bill owens did win a house street in upstate new york that republicans have held since 1872. that race got a lot of attention after several national figures-- including sarah palin-- backed the conservative party candidate. here in new york city, billionaire mayor mike bloomberg won a third term, but his five-point margin of victory was much closer than expected. and in maine, 53% voted to repeal a new law that would have legalized same-sex marriages. so what does all this mean? for that we turn the best political team in the business. bob schieffer is chief washington correspondent and the host of "face the nation." jeff greenfield is our chief political correspondent. jeff, the spin cycle is on overdrive today by both sides, but when you look at the results what is y
politics local, or will today's results be seen as a referendum on president obama? i'm harry smith. also tonight, h1n1. it's not just children and pregnant women at high risk. we learn today that the virus is taking a heavy toll on older americans. what you need to know. big brother is here. security cameras blanket an entire city. but does that make it safer? and autotunes. the industry secret that helps singers hit their notes. and puts words in the mouths of just about anybody. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening. katie is on assignment. it is election night, and voters across the country are having their say. will the results turn into trends that have national implications? a lot of money and manpower has been spent on several key races. topping that list, gubernatorial contests in virginia, where the republican is favored. and in new jersey, which is expected to be very tight. two special house elections are being held in upstate new york and outside san francisco. washington state is holding a referendum on extending
washington bureau. i guess the big question is why is the obama administration doing this. >> in part they were up against a litigation wall. all these individuals absent one were in the military commission process and the military court had ordered the obama administration to make a choice as to what was going to happen with these individuals. and so they split the difference, five will be headed to new york to face trial for the 9/11 plot, five others will be facing military commission for a variety of other plots, including the master mind of the uss cole attack in 2000. so this was a decision that had to be made, but it also helps the obama administration in trying to depopulate guantanamo and figure out how to deal with the individuals still there. >> but do you peel this is the best way to do it? this has raised quirt a bit of ire especially in the new york city area. they say time heals all wounds. i don't think that applies in this case. you have families here that are outraged. what does the attorney general say to those family members that have to sit lieu what will be years
and these are issues we will take up with president karzai. >> reporter: president obama is yet to decide if he will send tens of thousands of new troops to afghanistan. last month was the deadliest month since the war began eight months ago. >>> polls open in 26 hours in the governor's race and the candidates will stump for final undecided votes today. the latest polls show mcdonnell with a 12 percentage point lead. he visited weyers cave. democratic cab date creigh deeds spent sunday morning attending church and shaking hands in hampton, virginia. tim kaine turned out for the campaign. deeds is hoping to get support from the voters to turned out for president obama last fall. >>> and if you would like to learn more about the candidate for all of the races and valid questions for maryland and virginia we have a voters guide on our website at >>> our time to check in with "living $mart" reporter jessica doyle. what's going on? >> as for wall street today investors will react to news that cit filed for the fifth largest bankruptcy in history. the lender is a victim of the credit crunc
. >> they could have been terrorists, serial killers, murderers and done considerable damage to barack obama or joe biden. barack obama is the last person you want to be taking chancing with because threats against him are up some 400% since he became president as come paired to when bush was president. >> reporter: the pair claims they are part of the upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network which would air the show wouldn't confirm the couple was part of it and would not comment on the current investigation. >>> some 135 million people are expected to crash the stores tomorrow for black friday. workers at stores in best buy in alexandria spent the week making preparations for the crowd. hours before the store opens, security measures will be put in place. >> we're going to put cords and ropes an it so they can manage the crowd and it will basically wrap around the building. >> once inside they will hand out carts to shoppers and color- coded tickets should make it easier to find item answer smaller items in boxes to reduce the temptation for would be shop
of supporters who gave president obama a victory a year ago help to put him over the top. >> we are working as hard as we can to reach out to new and old voters. >> it has made us encouraged that we are up double-digits but only the feeling that we are on the right track. >> reporter: mcdonnell will be in our region. he has stops in prince william county and alexandria. and deeds will stop in alexandria. >>> if you would like to learn more about the candidates for all the races and ballot questions in virginia and maryland we have it on our website at >>> a push is on for private contractors to gave six partners the same benefits as married people in montgomery county. a bill is expected to be produced -- introduced this week. the "washington post" reports the measure has widespread support in the council. it could affect 450 firms if approved. >>> it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back. hey, jess. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking able the economy week. it is a big week for taking a a pulse on how the economic recovery is doing. we kick off the
in sterling. >>> plus, president obama makes his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. >>> it's the hottest ticket in washington. we'll give you a preview of the obama first official state dinner. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ from l.l. bean. >>> we told you all afternoon at the age of 85, the washington wizards owner, abe pollin has died today. our sports director is live at the verizon center for them joining us inside a building that will be a big part of the legacy. >>> and that is a member that is recently 12 years ago, they did not exist for them. and they just prepared the vision out there just yet for them and now t
. >>> coming up, president obama takes part in the traditional turkey pardon at the white house. >> reporter: president obama is ready to announce his decision on afghanistan. but polls show it will be a tough sell. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up. >> back down to 4 poirn 78% for mortgages. that record low was also reached at the end of april. but credit standards are still fixed and are available to those with a solid credit and 20% down payment. >>> a second victim of the fort hood shooting was laid to rest tonight. he was one of the 13 people killed in the shooting spree. he was a mexican immigrant who earned his doctorate in psychology. he was preparing to deploy to afghanistan. major nidal malik hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. >>> a soldier from maryland has been killed in action in afghanistan. the 34-year-old staff sergeant died monday. he had served in iraq as well. >>> president obama will address the nation next tuesday night about a new strategy in the war in afghanistan and top white house aides say he will put a lot of emphasis in put
get ready to spend thanksgiving in space. >>> president obama raises the issue of human rights abuses in china. but tries not to offend his host. i'm joel brown at the white house. coming up. >>> and we take you out with a live picture from sky 9. right now, it is springfield and our crew is looking for news tonight. we will bring you anything they find as soon as they find it. >>> a good start to the week on wall street. the dow closed up 136 1/2 points. the nasdaq rose almost 30 points. and the s&p 500 finished the day about 16 points higher. >>> packed was the word of the day for president obama on his first trip to china. he delicately tried to urge chinese leaders to stop censoring some web sites without offending his host. >>> joel brown has more on the president's careful case for free speech. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with a delicate issue of human rights. >> should he would be able to use twitter freeliy is the question? >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to china says the question on chinese censorship was submitted online for thi
-election, new jersey governor corzine is hoping president obama's popularity in the garden state will rub off on him. >> we need leaders who are committed to moving new jersey forward. and that's john corzine, which is why you need to work hard on tuesday. >> reporter: last november the president won new jersey by 15 points. but the latest polls show corzine in a dead heat with republican challenger chris christie. while supporters of the independent chris dagget appear to be shifting to christie. >> i'm not ready to give up yet. i'm ready to fight. >> reporter: president obama's political clout is also being tested in virginia. he has campaigned twice for democrats, but the latest polls show him trailing the republican by double digits. >> cr has been there for the people of virginia. he needs you to be there for him. >> reporter: tuesday's election may not be good news for democrats w. the outlook in new jersey ify and in virginia dismal, the advisors are already in spin mode, denying this election is a referendum on mr. obama. >> whatever the results are, i don't they they for tend a lot i
. meanwhile it's reported that president obama is sending a special envoy to north korea for direct talks on that country's nuclear program, but no date for the visit has been set. >>> today president obama travels to ft. hood for a memorial service. and a visit with some of the soldiers wounded in last week's deadly shooting. the latest on the investigation into the ft. hood shootings is raising some eye wrous. investigators believe the alleged gunman, major nidal malik hasan, acted alone without outside direction, but hasan communicated 10 to 20 times with a radical cleric overseas, communications monitored by the fbi. investigators decided he posed no net. bb orr has month details. >> reporter: the contacts began last winter with hasan reaching out to imam anwar al awlaki. and the two traded messages over a number of months in to the spring of this year. sources say intelligence agencies collected the messages as part of a separate case and attached no significant to them at the time. the communications appeared to be be neen with hasan asking for help on a research paper studying the
is next. don't forget is always on. have a good night. >> couric: tonight, president obama orders 30,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan as he plans to lay out his new strategy in a nationwide address. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a manhunt in washington state. the search is on for a career criminal wanted in the brutal murders of four police officers. the tiger woods mystery continues. after crashing his s.u.v., he's now pulling out of his own tournament and still not talking to the police. and a great american city honors our own steve hartman. why? because he asked. >> reporter: could i get one of those keys? >> yeah, i'll get you one. hey, ken! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the orders have gone out. president obama is sending tens of thousands of additional u.s. troops to afghanistan. the first wave is expected to arrive by christmas. tomorrow night, president obama will outline his new strategy in a nationally televised address from west point. david martin reports the president will
and tough decisions about war in afghanistan. president obama participates this morning and meets with his national security team to discuss troop deployment in afghanistan. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. there is speculation that the president has already made up his mind about a possible troop surge. but the white house says the debate is not over yet. on this veterans day, president obama will sit down again with his national security team to discuss a revamped strategy in afghanistan. the cost of war will be fresh on his mind. after returning from a somber ft. hood memorial. >> these are trying times for our country. in afghanistan, and pakistan, the same extremists who killed nearly 3,000 americans continue to endanger america. >> reporter: there are four final options on the table, each scenario includes a different goal that requires a different level of forces. the options range from as little as 20,000 to roughly 40,000 additional troops, which is what the top commander in the region general stanley mcchrystal wants. the white house denies a cbs news report that the presiden
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